A Stroll Beneath the Sea: Winter Lights Festival 2024

I have decided to participate in this year’s Winter Lights Festival in Portland, OR. I will be at the same anchor location as last year, the Electric Blocks (map).

PDX Winter Lights Festival 2023: Heat of the Universe.


The theme for this year’s festival is “Under Pressure”. For this, my mind instantly went to being underneath the sea. I wanted to continue with my preference of making an interactive display that reacted to people as they walked past. With that in mind, I decided on three elements

  • Bubbles, in the form of a sphere or balloon, that react and change colors to users nearby.
  • Kelp, LED strips with some sort of diffusion that also react.
  • A walkway in between the bubbles and kelp, with colored “bricks” that changed as users walk along it.
Concept Drawing for Stroll Beneath the Sea.

The Build

Coming soon..